Lawn Maintenance
  • Weekly & Bi-weekly
    • Mowing, String Trimming, Blowing, Edging

  • All bushes/trees under 12ft
Ground Cover
  • Longleaf pine straw, Brown Mulch, Pine Bark
Spring Cleanup
  • One-time visit at the beginning of the season
    • Mow the lawn, Pick up sticks/debris in the yard, Trim bushes, Address flower beds on property (Ground cover included)
      • Total overhaul
Fall Cleanup
  • One-time visit at the end of the season
    • Similar to “Spring Cleanup” with more emphasis on leaf removal and end-of-season pruning (Ground cover included)
  • Dethatching: Removal of decaying plant material in the lawn
    • This process removes the thick layer of plant material, so air, water and nutrients can reach the soil better. Additionally, your lawn can drain water more effectively with consistent dethatching.
  • Aeration: Introduction of air to the lawn
    • This process removes “plugs” out of your lawn, safely and neatly, to make room for nutrients to reach the soil.
    • Aeration is utilized for more compacted ground.

Landscape Installation
  • Shrubbery, Trees, Grasses, Flower beds
  • R&R (i.e., rip out and replant)
Sod Installation
Fertilization – COMING SOON
Irrigation – COMING SOON
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