Starting a small business can be hard, but with community-backing and support, hopefully more will succeed than fail.

If you’re reading this, you have possibly run out of things to read, or you may actually be interested in the content. Whichever the case, we hope that the topics discussed and jokes made will have a positive impact on your life. With that being said, keep reading for a brief history of myself and the company, VG Lawn Care.

My name is Jake Rodgers. I’m originally from Alexander City, AL and currently live in Opelika, AL. Believe it or not the start of 2020 was actually pretty good for me. On January 18, I married my wife, Abigail, and afterwards, we travelled to Jamaica for a few days of rest and relaxation. Little did we know that a pandemic was just around the corner. Additionally, January also started the 2nd season for VG Lawn Care. The company is co-owned by myself and a good friend of mine, Pete Myer. Before March 2020, my full-time employment was being a musician in the band, Blackberry Breeze. Since COVID-19, live events have come to a near halt. With more free time, I decided I would invest my time and efforts into VG Lawn Care and attempt to grow the business.

Year One was a struggle, as it is for most small businesses. In our case, there wasn’t a large pool of money to draw from to get “big ticket” items that we needed or wanted. During the startup, we treated the business as a “side hustle.” I played music, and Pete managed a shop in Dadeville, AL – Lake Martin Pizza Co. These were and still are our full-time jobs. Once we started putting in more hours and actively started seeking out new customers, we began to see steady growth. I’m proud of where we’ve come from, but I’m more excited about the future.

Never hate on small beginnings – we all start somewhere.

My vision for this blog is to consistently discuss and bring light to topics related to the business in hopes of creating a community around it. If something I know can help a few people out and vice versa, then we all win. It’s easier to root for someone than against them. So, be on the lookout for new blogs, but in the meantime, follow us on all our social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can browse our Facebook to see what we’ve been up to lately, and we are looking forward to displaying our work through Instagram as well. Additionally, we hope to drop some new videos on our YouTube channel real soon!

We would love to hear how you came to find our website and blog. Please submit the poll below, and know, we’re so glad you’re here!

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